About Chris Graser


I am just a simple guy that loves Designing and creating things. I have been working on the internet for over 15 years now. My goal has always been to create unique and fun websites, art, and vieos. My goal in life has always been to entertain and have a good time. What is the point of doing anything if you are not having fun in the process.


I've been living and working in Florida for most of my life. I attended Bayshore HS in Bradenton, and went to the Art Institute of Tampa in, of course, Tampa. I picked up my love of Web Design when I was in high shool, dual enroling during my softmore and senior years. I went on to attend 4 seperate web design competitions taking, 3rd at a district level competition, 1st at a state level competition, then the following year taking First at a state level again, and then 7th out of 114 in a national competition. These events solidified my love of coding and designing, and I havn't looked back since.